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Cover: "Ntour" Show, Moscow, April, 19. Photographer: Svetlana Kamyshentseva

PHOTO: Anastasia Chekanova, Natalia Sergeeva and others

AUTHORS: A.Voitulevich, N.Chebotareva, T.Agapova, R.Mochalova, M.Clark, K.Measures, M.Bacsa, S.Sasimowicz, L.Pederson, C.Osborne, K.Falcone, A.Morozova, S.Kamyshentseva, S.Barabanova, C.Yang, N.Taran, S.Domankova, N.Weber, Despina, E.Ivanova, T.Kyvyrzhik, J.Manina, A.Panyushkina

english edition
FANSLife | №50 (01'2018)  
Nobody even thought that our long wait for Sergey to come to Belarus with a concert would end up with the premiere of the new show. It was a shocking news on the New Year's eve.

In my opinion, nobody paid attention to the holiday, everyone was waiting for the start of ticket sales. The expectation of the long-time awaited premiere was very long and tedious. But April 10 came and we were already at the Arena in 3 hours before the show.
I will not describe the performance or list the songs that hit the N-tour. And in general, it is difficult to describe everything that Sergey did with his team in words. It is necessary to see and listen to it. If you want to be shocked, surprised, if you want to laugh and cry, if you want to hear new arrangements and new sound of your favorite tracks, if you want to listen songs from the At The Epicenter Album and if you want to hear new songs, you should come to Nовое show! If you want to see the unicorn dancing on the moon disc, the flying Sergey, Sergey-biker, Sergey in the image of the Pope and many other images of the beloved Artist, this is also the whole Nовое show. Unusual light and sound solutions, moving and lifting platforms, installations, gates, grilles, screens, geometric shapes, lights, balls, lamps, confetti, and much more. I was not so focused at any other concert: I wanted to see everything and even more!
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english edition
FANSLife | №50 (01'2018)  
The day all the fans of Sergey Lazarev were eagerly waiting for has finally come. On April 12, the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg literally exploded with the applause and delight from the audience. Only after half a year of zealous rehearsals, Sergey presented us his new show called "N-tour". For such a short period, a tremendous musical and theatrical show with special effects, an interesting video sequence on the screen, beautiful costumes, unusual decorations and unique choreographic productions turned out to be so amazing in its energy and professionalism. Sergey appeared before in 6 different images and told us 6 emotionally different stories. The beginning of the show impressed me, Sergey appeared on stage in the image of the young Pope and sang You Are The Only One, the winner song of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 spectator voting and the winner of many hearts. We seemed to be at a sermon on St. Peter's Square in Vatican. The hall has become became a single organism for seconds and sang in unison along with the artist, and so it was throughout the whole show. Then all the spectators found themselves at an American party in the style of the 1920s, where the songs were unexpectedly sounded not in English, as in "The One" album, but in Russian. The performance of the Russian version of Just Because You Walk Away in the style of Argentine tango was so interesting. Surrender, Whisper, All to Pieces sounded like the confession of the artist, and incendiary Moscow to California, 7 Digits, and Paparazzi turned the dance floor to a disco. There is a lot to say about each song, but the most touching moment was when the photo and video with Nikita, Sergey's son, appeared on the screen, and all this was under "In the Epicenter" song. It touched me to the depths of my soul. Perhaps, this is the most important part of the show, because it is Nikita, Sergey's little happiness, whom this bright musical event is dedicated to. Sergey hovering in the air, a bike coming down from somewhere above, a rising part of the stage, fireworks from candy, saxophonists, amazing performance of the songs and a magnificent performance of dancers. In general, a festival of music was going on on the stage, leading the audience into complete ecstasy. The show ended with "Lucky Stranger" song and a stormy ovation. Spectators left the show joyful and inspired. And we won't be able to forget those happy eyes of the Artist. I am very impressed by what I have seen, incredibly tasty, beautiful, interesting, unusual and professional as always. N-tour is like a half-open curtain in the world of Sergey Lazarev, the Artist, with his secrets, confession, joy and sadness, with his glance at the world. Grand show without any analogs in Russia. Undoubtedly, everyone should see the N-tour show, because it's beautiful and everything is at a high level. Bravo, the Artist and his team! I am admired with the N-tour show.
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Sergey lazarev. Ice Palace. Apr. 12
Velikiy Novgorod Fan Club
"N-tour", St. Petersburg, 12/04/18
Irkutsk fan Club
"N-tour", St. Petersburg, 12/04/18
Photo by
Sergey lazarev. Ice Palace
April 12, 2018 was the most important musical premiere of the spring - Sergey Lazarev's new N-tour show St. Petersburg was the first Russian city to see this large-scale, colorful spectacle, which did not leave any spectator who came that evening to the Ice Palace indifferent. For fans of Sergey's creativity, especially for us, participants of the official fan club, the agonizing wait lasted for six months, that's why we came from Velikiy Novgorod to support our beloved artist. Our experiences grew even stronger when we were already standing in the dance floor, making assumptions about what awaits us. But even our wildest guesses could not be compared with what we saw. During his first song, Sergey literally descended to the public in a very brave image of Roman Pope, surrounded by his ballet in black robes, under the indisputable "You Are The Only One" hit in a very unexpected interpretation with a splash of medieval sound. This Eurovision song has become a unique link with the previous THE BEST show, which was closed by it. For two hours, absolutely new songs from the recently released "At the Epicenter" album were on, Russian and English-language hits, tested by the time and love of the audience, only sometimes there were in a new and unusual arrangement. For the first time, two songs from the English-language "The One" album were performed, but in Russian. The hall sang together with the artist from the first to the last song. The ideal world of Sergey Lazarev, his ideal show where 6 different stories going one after another give completely contrasting emotions to the audience. Comprehensive passion and unconditional love, the atmosphere of repentance and the street, unrestrained festivity and desperate loneliness - all these merged into one magnificent action. Sergey also remembered about the rock history by appearing in the air again, sitting on a real bike now and wearing a red leather jacket with a "Fight for Freedom" inscription on it, and performed the favorite "Moscow to California", "Spring", "7 digits" and acoustic-choral "Remember", which sounds in a new way every time. The culmination of the performance was "In the Epicenter" song, the screen showed photos and videos from the artist's family archive during the performance. They had not previously been shown to the public. "I open all my cards, you are at the epicenter of my life," Sergey devoted both the song and the whole show to his little son Nikita. During this touching performance, someone had tears in their eyes, and someone was experiencing his or her own story inside. Obviously, for the first time, during the whole concert, the hall sank into silence. The evening ended with a bright, incendiary block and "Lucky Stranger" song under the enthusiastic exclamations of spectators and golden rain. N-tour is a stylish performance, made with taste and talent, it is musical and theatrical. Crazy beautiful light, live sound, crowd-dancing, endless carousel of costumes, scenery and video installations replacing each other, new musical and technical finds. But the protagonists of the evening were certainly Sergey Lazarev and his amazing team, whose rabid energy charges the hall. This grandiose show deserves to be seen by every fan of the creativity of Sergey Lazarev, a beautiful artist, around the world.
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FANSLife | №50 (01'2018)  
N-show changes "Olimpiyskiy Stadium" beyond recognition. You should only cross the doorstep of the auditorium and there is no stadium there any more. There is a huge theater, slowly filling with spectators. The show is mesmerizing from the very first second and does not let go long after the final note.

Have you seen how a snake changes its skin? It would seem that just now it was bright, shiny, softly and velvety and warm to the touch, flexible and bewitchingly beautiful. But the snake grew, and the skin did not. And it throws off the "clothes" that have become tight, presenting a renewed and such a chic that captures the spirit. Each new solo program by Sergey Lazarev is the same update. Every time you look and think that this is the peak and it is impossible to do better. But HE can do this. Every year Sergey grows both as a performer and as a person. He becomes brighter, deeper, and wiser. And his shows grow with him.
"N-tour" is a completely new program based on "At the Epicenter" and "The one" albums songs. A few old songs not only got new performance and costumes, but also changed the arrangement. A solo concert, being a set of scattered blocks some programs ago, has become a single show by N-Tour where one scene smoothly and logically turns into another, showing life from a different angle, but telling a single STORY.
I do not like songs in Russian and prefer the English ones, although I try my best to avoid "knowing" English. By the way, it does not work well at the moment. After I learned that the new program was almost all in Russian, I was, frankly speaking, disappointed. However, Sergey was again right - understanding of the text is very important in understanding the nuances of the show. The web has already a lot of fragments from the concert, photos, and opinions. I will not retell what you need to see personally, live, and in the concert hall. You should this watch many times, cause it is impossible to cover everything within one performance - so interesting and meaningful. Video series on the screens, action on the stage, and, of course, Sergey himself.
But I would like to pay special attention to two moments.
The concert starts with my favorite English version of "You Are The Only One" and the Russian "Ideal World". The intro before the first block beginning with powerful alarming bells, sets the theme of a painful choice between black and white, darkness and light. ONLY, partially stylized for church music, is not a Eurovision one now at all. I want to appeal to those who, without seeing the show, preventively try to be offended in their feelings of believers: "Guys, you are wrong. Translate the text of the song. Google will be enough for this. It is about Love, Faith, and Devotion. Allow yourself to think, even for a moment, that we are talking about the God. "Won't ever give up 'cause you're still somewhere out there» «You're the only one you're my only one. You're my life every breath that I take". Have you ever thought about reading it like THIS? Don't you find that the style of the costume (it is, by the way, not a copy of the vestment of a Catholic priest, but is only conditionally similar to it) does not contradict the content and arrangement of the song at all?
And the choreography does not drop out of context with any gesture "I have also found one more comment in the Instagram that gave me a real kick, so that I can not pass it by. "It is offence and disrespect to stand back to the audience during the whole song" *the quotation is not exact, but the meaning is correct*. We are talking about an incredibly personal "At The Epicenter". Yes, Sergey really stands on the darkened stage half-turned to the concert hall and looks on the screen TOGETHER with the viewers. And he sings to his little son, "You are in the epicenter of my life." It is so pathetic, simple to tears. I do not understand HOW you can see only the ass of the performer in these minutes. Sorry for this. But you even had time to be offended.
There are lots of ballet dancers on the stage throughout the concert and it is so unusual. Guys not only dance, but also are involved in moving of "living" scenery on the stage (which is very organically entered into the choreography). The scenery is real and it is also sometimes a full-fledged participant of the show, it is not a simple entourage.
It is a million dollar show. It is, undoubtedly, worth every cent spent on it. But first of all, it is a concert with a Soul inside. If you want to enjoy the maximum, you should be prepared. The show is developed up to the smallest detail, there are many references to films, history, and philosophy. It's not just a concert. It's not even a performance. This is a dialog about life, love, relationships, the place of man in this world, about faith and love. There are no artists and spectators here, there are those who you communicate with. Your participation in this dialog, understanding and taking out of what you see and hear depend on how prepared you are, how ready you are to speak the same language, to feel hints and references. Take an interest in Sergey's biography, look through his interviews, watch the "Young Dad" series, and read the "Great Gatsby". Do not be limited to superficial, look at the essence. And then the "N-show" will be revealed to you from an entirely different angle.

There are a lot of concerts coming, lots of cities and countries, the N-TOUR has just begun. Come, even if it seems to you that the tickets are expensive. It's worth it!
I went to the Moscow N Tour concert after a week avoiding any social media that might have shown the St Petersburg concert a week earlier, as I did not want to spoil the surprise! I had previously seen The Best Tour from a front row seat in Berlin which I had really enjoyed so I knew what to expect. I was not disappointed!
From the very start with the build-up of the clock-face, the Greek statues, the way the music swelled in an operatic style, then Sergey appeared as a priest in dark red as he began to sing with that unmistakable voice, You are the only one. Then a mitre was placed on his head and there he was, leading the faithful through a night of sheer spectacle. This was not just a concert, this was Art!
After a seamless costume change into a dapper outfit with a cravat for the Paparazzi number, I was totally hooked and loving every minute. The large screens on each side of the stage meant you could see every detail of the performance and enhanced the stage with perfect symmetry. Everything was performed in brilliantly executed segments linking the music together with meticulous dance arrangements, fantastic choreography, lighting and spectacle that suited the mood of each song perfectly. The streamers shot up above our heads and the confetti slowly falling down at regular intervals engaged the audience and made us all feel a part of the show.
One of the show's many highlights was the duo with Dima Bilan who appeared on a large screen. Also, I think Sergey shared something personal with the audience with the beautiful ballad accompanied with the footage of his son, Nikita, who was the inspiration behind the show. I also particularly enjoyed the retro number Sweet Dreams (are made of this).
I have seen many great concerts over the years including Benny Andersson's Orchestra (ABBA), Lisa Minnelli and Tina Turner, but this was one of the most memorable.
The show was faultless, except that it had to come to an end. We were all encouraged to stand, dance and clap with a few waves of Sergey's hands for the last song, Lucky Stranger, and on this occasion, I felt that I truly had been!
This was my first trip to Russia and I had a fabulous experience that I will never forget, thanks to Sergey and all his team. I could not recommend this show more highly!!
Video by "MIR"
members of uk fan club. "N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
The N Tour in Moscow was an amazing and fantastic performance. It was totally brilliant. Sergey gave it everything, as he always does, as did his dancers. Every song and the entire show was out of this world.

Sergey Lazarev's N Tour show was absolutely fantastic in Moscow. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming to us Brits. The locals were so glad to see us there. Even when we were walking round with our big Union Jack flag, we were welcomed with huge smiles and nice comments in broken English, with people wanting know which part of the UK we were from. Hopefully I will get to see this show again this year.

I'm still finding it difficult to recall detail as my priority was to jump around and to be as loud as possible! Two hours of jumping up and down to every song that warranted it (every uptempo one) and screaming the lyrics = the best workout in the history of the world!!! Oh, Sweet Dreams is one of my favourite songs ever so Shattered Dreams into this was unreal!!!

Never have I been to a concert that was a visual, auditive and physical assault on all senses!!
The stage show was amazing, the songs fantastic, the energy mindblowing!!
When Sergey sang 'В Эпицентре' I was in tears, and when he started on 'Sweet Dreams' I totally lost it as it's been a favourite of mine for 2 decades.
Thank you Sergey for setting the bar so high only you can top it!!

We were welcomed by Moscow and our big yellow family to experience a show that is not only dedicated to Nikita but it seems to the love of performing too. It was big, bright and full of life, with the whole Lazarev team giving their all to the audience. Old favourites re-imagined and new tracks introduced in all their glory, along with intimate moments shared through music. The staging and arrangements will stand plenty more views. I can't wait to see how N Tour continues to evolve under Sergey's direction - with this he has shown that he definitely has more to come!
Bryansk fan club
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
heads of Voronezh, spain and kursk fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
heads of ufa and ulyanovsk fan clubs & members of Volgograd and Samara fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
Photo by "Olimpic Stadium":
Show of Sergey Lazarev, 19.04.2018
How could I begin to write one of the most amazing experiences I have in my life? First of all, it was my first time on the other side of the world. I came all the way from America, specifically from Texas, so the weather compared to my city and Moscow was a big challenge for me, but that did not stop me!
I will be honest, I’m not fond to go to many concerts, even if they are my favorite artist, so as I love much a singer such as Katy Perry, for example, I have never ever been to any of their concerts. Why? Time mainly! So as soon as Sergey Lazarev released the N-Tour announcement for 2018, I immediately thought, this should be in April! Because he has never ever failed us, and well, you all know, he did not!!
So the long journey of planning, saving and asking for permission at work to enjoy my whole week in Europe started! Destination Moscow, specifically for the N Tour was one of them! – I need to mention all of this because I want to let know my friends from America that it is possible! We just need to work for it! – My first day in Moscow wasn’t going that well, to be honest, I was running late to meet my foreign friends, and meet Sergey’s European fans at the Olimpiskii, and also meeting for the first time one of our American fans, an extraordinary girl from Miami called Lora, she was my second motivation to understand that we can all go, she got to see Sergey in Germany before, so everything was possible now! (don’t get me wrong, it was my first time meeting my European friends as well, and I was super excited for this to happen!). Well, keep on going, after getting lost in the metro station of Moscow, not knowing much Russian but “да”, “нет”, “спасибо”, “доброе утро / ночь”, and some other irrelevant words that were really not going help me I literally wanted to cry, “I’m not gonna make it” it was all I heard in my mind. As soon as I saw the stadium I felt relief, I still wanted to cry though, while looking for some of the European members, I could hear Denmark and UK yelling KIKA!!! With all their might, that make me happy, but I was still confused, lost in my mind. I still can’t believe what was happening. Then we entered the stage, seeing the big N on stage made me think, IT IS HAPPENING! I forgot about all the bad things going on, I didn’t want to cry anymore, I made it through! I started calling and texting other friends, they were in the middle already, but I could keep eye contact with them and the Lora came to stay with us, America and the UK fan club were together!
So before speaking of the concert, before it, I got to see some videos prior to the Concert, from St Petersburg, Minsk, seeing Sergey dressed as a pope shocked me for sure, we already knew that 80% of the concert was going to be in Russian but the other 20% of the English songs were very common already, I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be hearing any of the songs of the new album “The One”, and I was sad that I enjoy “Deep Blue” so much that I wasn’t going to be able to listen to it because well, it was in Russian (and I still don’t know the name of the Russian title!! It is something I would like very much to know and hopefully he releases a single: D), “Going Under” was another English for sure hit and it was called “Paparazzi” in this edition.
american and uk fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
american fan club
"N-tour",moscow, 19/04/18
reportage by FoPro reportage by
I will be honest, those facts got me a little disappointed, but I will be honest, as soon as the church like bells started to sound, I couldn’t contain myself, he was coming out! The show was about to start, his dancers, a very talented team, came out, I could spot from far away Sergey’s Manager, I was not only excited but impressed with the effects, the dance moves, the lights, the video in the background, everything was going according to the show, and I started to understand little by little why the pope costume! The cube that was holding Sergey inside appeared in the air, we all yelled, and the “chorus” like started and then, the artist, the singer, the man appeared! And boy, “thunder and lightning” was getting really exciting. We were all singing along Sergey, a song after a song, if I hadn’t had the video recording in my phone, I wouldn’t have noticed all the time that was passing by with this incredible show! You are the only one, “Идеальный мир”, “Найди меня”, songs that we all know by heart, and for those who actually didn’t they sang the chorus enthusiastically, I was just as happy to have my friends around than seeing Sergey Lazarev finally live, my British friends, my Danish friend, and we the Americans, we were all singing enthusiastically every single song. With the incredible “Сдавайся”, I was just amazed to see the story behind the dance, not only Sergey’s voice, the struggle of love, the ups and downs were in every single move, then the emotional “Шепотом”, were now Sergey was part of the performance with a female dancer, demonstrating love on stage, it was just beautiful! It was time to change costumes, and while Sergey and his team were behind doing their job, the screen was on again, we really knew how to keep us excited, an amazing remix of “Don’t be Fake” while a group of female dancers came out dressed as a top secret agent from the 70’s (could be another time, I felt the James Bond Vibe be honest), I was speechless! Then the number I think we were all waiting for, The Great Gatsby/Casablanca and other 50’s movies theme! Starting with “Это всё она”, and heard now for the first time (small clips doesn’t really count) of Paparazzi, and even though I didn’t know the lyrics, my friends and I were singing the chorus in English and enjoying the performance, it was just simply cool! And how could I forget about “Доигрались”, one of my favorite songs of the album and the performance was very fun to watch. Suddenly, we all saw Sergey sitting down, a piano started to play and we all witnessed a new version of “Даже Если Ты уйдёж”, it was amazing! We heard “Deep Blue” in Russian, and I gotta say, the thought of having most of the concert in Russian was starting to be a good thing, we were singing with them, dancing with them, jumping with them, I was loving it. Then we saw a video story, I assumed the first half of the concert was coming to an end, an emotional video was displaying on the screen, a different Lazarev was shown to us, people passing by, a piano sound in the background and then “Вдребезги” started, that song that already had a different vibe since he released it, and the performance was just unique! I have no words to describe how beautiful it was, as we all known, the meaning of the name is Shattered (or something like that, I apologize for my bad Russian), the performance showed us a battle between the artist and love, that’s what I could get from it, the storm representing the ups and downs, the constant battles on happiness, the effects the scenario, everything was according to it, I believe it was the best performance of the show, and this is just my opinion. It was time for one of my most awaited songs, “Прости меня”, I was excited, wondering if Dima Bilan was going to be on the same stage as well, it wasn’t but it didn’t matter, because Sergey honored his part by showing his music video in the background, He was giving all his best, and then at some point, I started to wondered what everyone does, what every news, every interview, every appearance questions about, where does he gets all the energy??? My question was answered when the whole stadium yells along with him “МОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ” at the moment we were all waiting for, the whole audience was with him, he was owning the stadium! We continued with some other great performances, he surprised us again with his dance moves in “Тактильно” and even more on how everybody was handling some cube lines around Sergey with “Давай расстанемся”.
novosibirsk fan club
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
uk and novosibirsk fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
novosibirsk fan club
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
germany, novosibirsk and uk fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
We had the second intermediate of just dancers on stage, this time we were listening to a remix of Lazerboy, amazing by the way! I really hope he releases this and “Don’t be Fake” in a remix album or something, because I was astonished! And what can I say about the dancers, this time, they were showing us why they really deserve to be sharing the stage with our dear artist, and believe me, I noticed his perfectionism with every single thing, move, and performance that every member of the team was doing on stage, and this is what it got us all with our mouths open I believe. I noticed on stage one of his new dancers, a contortionist I believe, I was really impressed with his moves. Then….a flying motorcycle appeared on stage with the words “We need to just believe….” Coming out of the mouth of Sergey, it was the moment! Everyone was jumping excited again! Singing along, jumping and enjoying, I was really moved by his jacket, in these times of despair, and hate, the message was right through “Make Love, not war”, we were all excited singing along with him “Весна”, “7 Сифр”, an instrumental version with a guitar of “Вспоминай”, the exciting “Пополам” and I believe we all cried as well with him with В эпицентре’s performance, where we saw a father and a son, enjoying themselves with so much love and so much happiness, followed by another expected performance, “Так красиво”, he never disappointed us in any moment and finish the segment with “В Самое Сердце” The last part of the concert started, after seen the videos online, I know this was coming to an end, we were all sad, but happy, dancers with LED TV heads appeared on stage dancing in I believe it was robot style at the sound of Shattered Dreams, at this moment, I believe me and my friends from the UK and Denmark was when we were more enthusiastic, how not to be??? An English hit, along with another famous 80’s song built in a Mash-Up, “Sweet Dreams”, the concert had to come to an end, we were all feeling absolutely in the 80’s and “Lucky Stranger” closed the concert in a magnificent way with Sergey saying goodbye to all of us, thanking us for being there, and happy to see us all.
This was clearly my experience, but If I get to say more, this concert is dedicated 100% to his son, and I really know that he will be very proud when he gets older, and see all the spectacle Sergey Lazarev has done in his honor to show all his love for him.
And on the fans side? A euphoric hug with Spain's director, photos with Germany, Hungary, China, having fun with the famous United Kingdom fans, walking along them and Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other Russian friends, getting to finally talk to them in person is an incredible experience. and for this, I'd like to say thank you to Sergey Lazarev and the whole fan club direction, for uniting countries from all over the world, Europe, America, Asia, we were all really happy and excited to meet each other, for me this was the experience of my life, getting to know people I thought I would never get to meet, and realizing that despite the distance, there is true friendship between us.
At first glance, it would seem, what else can surprise the fans of Sergey Lazarev and just lovers of large-scale concerts and high-quality music? Many artists have colorful show, quality sound, costumes and scenery - it would seem that a sophisticated spectator and listener already will not be surprised... but this is Sergey Lazarev! Fantasies and ingenious ideas of all who created this show are simply amazing imagination, and the result is a large-scale theatrical show! Yes, it is the theater that is felt throughout the show. It seems that every song is a mini-play with its touching or incendiary story, filled with an exciting and sensual dance in pairs like Whisper, or the bewildering immobility of the fantastic and gothic image of the Father Sergius or a dazzling, breathtaking dance in the spirit of the American cabaret as in the Russian-language performance of Going Under, or pinching and tearing the soul by melancholy with a snowy flight like in the All To Pieces. Every detail is like an important decoration, and if there is a gun on the stage, it will definitely shoot, and if there are any hanging balls in the N-tour show, they will surely play with new colors and create an illusion of zero-gravity, because it's so beautiful!✨ If you take bottle of champagne, it means the cork will fly out, and the snow will go as planned, and even if someone play in the yard barrel, there is no any superfluous detail! Dance numbers are so incendiary that you want to dance with the dancers and exactly the same movements that they do! At the same time, the view closely follows everything that is happening - from the musicians blissing out, to the confetti pouring from the ceiling and the charming and sparkling fringe movement on the dresses!
And yes, we can say, "Sergey Lazarev is not the same", or "This was not what I expected" and many other nuances about not fully introducing the new album, new variations in the sound of old songs, not quite a good choice of the site, but in general, this show wins exactly with its theatricality, as if you are looking through a collection of excellent performances and you manage to switch from one hero and image to another one, from smile to tears of happiness - this show looks just fussy! Everything is harmoniously and smoothly interconnected, that you do not even have time to be surprised when he managed to change clothes or climb a motorbike? I want to say, "Bravo!" This is really a new look at the concert, at the show and a new impression of our favorite artist!
And you can talk a lot about the thoughtful technical solution and the smoothness of the work of the whole team, the astonishing self-control of the Artist himself, who can quickly "switch" and devote himself to exactly the song he performs, about energetic dancers, who need dances like air - it is the dance they live for and they will get tired only if they stop, the whole team is the heroes of their show! But why do we talk about it, if it does not lend itself to any description - it's all you need to see and feel! It took me three days to want to come a little closer to the clue - what hooked in the show and does not let go, why Lucky Stranger is playing in my head all these days and these brown eyes pull me again and again...
Photo by KSvetlana ekaterinburg fan club
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
Video by "NTV" Video by "Zhara"
Sergey's first image was quite unexpected: he descended into the hall on the platform, dressed in the Pope's costume. It was a bit unusual to see him as such. But yes, he is the Young Pope. Eyes just ran away: I wanted to watch everything and everywhere - as the screen saver goes on, look at the fascinating dances and do not forget that there's still a camera in hand and it's time to capture the moments, so that later there is something to remember).
Scenery and costumes changed so quick. It seems that a few seconds ago Sergey disappeared from the viewer's eyes and now he is in a new image and suit. It was just a crazy cycle of events)). Power from the artist was simply shocking, the whole hall in chorus sang not only old hits, but also new songs from the recently released In The Epicenter album. And, perhaps, it was this composition that touched many of us. It was listened with a heart sinking. Sergey sang it looking at the huge screen with photos and videos from the family archive. And it is true, Sergey "opened all his secrets." N - Nikita. N-tour - show dedicated to his son.
It was really powerful. And it was the best show! Dot. We are waiting impatiently for Sergey and Lazarev-team with tours in our city!

When Sergey Lazarev has a new show, especially in the Olympic Stadium, you give up all your work without thinking and fly to meet him in the middle of the work week, because you just can not miss such an event! I was enjoying a pleasant excitement the whole day before the concert, this is my first concert of Sergey. I, of course, imagined what to expect, but I did not think that it would amaze me so much. The lights go out, music begins to play, the beginning makes you wait more and more. And, at last, Sergey appears on the stage, which surprises with the first image. From the very first minutes, loud applause falls upon the artist, the whole hall sings all the songs, dances, forming a single organism with everything that is happening on the stage! For me, as for an almost professional dancer, it was very difficult to just watch a concert, I wanted to dance and be on stage with the artists, it was so bright and positive! This show makes you experience the whole spectrum of emotions in just 2 hours. Starting with You Are The Only One (although it's been 2 years since that day and the performance has changed dramatically), everyone was still overwhelmed with pride for the artist, an insane euphoria from old, but so much favorite songs. Just Because You Walk Away is a song that was the beginning of love to the artist, a very touching moment - a video from a family archive with a very small Nikita which it is simply impossible to look at without emotional tears. The motorbike on the stage, the unicorn, the image of the Pope, the rain of confetti ... it cannot fit in my head, how can you develop all these and then realize so cool! The show under the mysterious name "N" did not only justify all my expectations, it also surprised me a lot. So everything was bright, colorful, brilliant, original, capturing the spirit and taking you from the reality to some magical and fairy-tale world for 2 hours. Thanks to Sergey and his team for their professionalism and a day that you want to outline in red on the calendar...
I've been back for a week now but still can't bring my heart back. I'm missing everything about the two days: the city, the people, and of course the show. It was so wonderful and incredibly magnificent!
Last time I went there was in 2016, to see "The Best". I was so amazed at the show and I had a great time, but I wasn't really ready when the show ended. I didn't know "You Are The Only One" was the last song. So I didn't have the chance to "say goodbye" to my favorite artist. It would have been just a soulful gaze at him, while I was whispering all the words I wanted to say deep in my heart, with a craving for just one more second to catch one last sight of the man who means so much to me. But I couldn't. And that was a pity which kept me crying on my way back.
So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found out "N-tour" would start with the same song! This was like a second chance for me to make up for the little pity last time, and a surprising continuation to my always fresh memories. So, personally, I took the new show as a sequel to "The Best”, which had never really ended in my world because I didn't get to "say goodbye".
Many sequels disappointed people, but Sergey's concerts never will. For this is a man who is so devoted to his beloved career, his stage and his passion, a man who has great talents but still works extremely hard and makes every effort to become even better and to exceed himself, a man who fully deserves to be recognized as a real artist.
And only a real artist can make a show even better than “The Best”.
The show started like an epic movie, with splendid scenes and of course the hottest Pope ever in the world. This design was really impressive, audacious and ingenious! And it fitted the song "Идеальный мир" perfectly. The moment when he came to the edge of the stage, which was just above me, I could really feel what the lyrics described as "Моя реальность словно сто костров горит"! And then it was followed by my favorite new songs like "Сдавайся" and "Шепотом", with very beautiful and touching dances, which were aesthetic like poems. I was so glad that I had learned to sing both songs so that I could sing along.
For me, to sing along is one of the best things about going to concerts. So I printed all his Russian lyrics and practiced them whenever I could. It was very difficult since I can't speak the language, but all my efforts paid off at the moment when he came to the edge of the stage again: He was singing "Это всё она", and there was a moment, for about 2 seconds, when his eyes met with mine. I'm not sure if he really saw me, but it felt like he was singing to me while I was singing to him. Oh my God that moment made me feel so special! His magical brown eyes were glistening so brightly as always, with all the charms that made me believe I was in heaven! That was definitely the most special and precious memory for me, one that made everything worthy!
My favorite part of the show was "В эпицентре", a beautiful and affectionate song about our sweet little angel Nikita, to whom the show was dedicated to. My heart was melting when I saw those joyful moments on the big screen, especially when Nikita's cute handwriting "papa" appeared in the end. Everyone there was deeply touched and moved to tears. Thank you, Sergey for sharing with us such precious memories and pure happiness.
Another part that touched me deep inside was when he was singing “Вдребезги” and “Прости меня”. The background was like a serene night full of shining stars and he was flying there among the sparkling lights. What a divine sight! And when he hit the high notes of the line “моя любовь”, I was screaming inside and totally overwhelmed by emotions. True love is so beautiful!
There were some other surprises too, like when I found out my favorite song “В самое сердце” was on the list again, and when he gave another interesting version of “Даже Если Ты Уйдешь”, a song that has a very special meaning to me…
There were too many wonderful memories to recall in a short time, and the feelings will linger for long. In a word, the show was spectacular!!!
The only pity of watching from just below the stage was that I couldn’t see most of the fantastic dances. But that gave me all the more reason to come back and see the show again. So I don’t regret anything. It was the first time that I came so close to my favorite artist! That’s the most important! It felt like a sweetest dream, watching his every move and every smile so clearly, and losing myself in his amazing voice -- the voice I'd been in love for 10 years without knowing whom it belongs to, the voice that keeps me taking the 9-hour flights to Moscow, the best and most heavenly voice in the world to me.
I miss him now, and I miss everyone I met there. I said I felt closer to home in Russia, because my hometown is very near to her. So it’s not bad at all to leave my heart there.
I want to say a big “thank you” to all the people who have been so kind to me. Thank you for making me feel at home, I’m so grateful to your hospitality. And I hope to see you all soon!
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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April 19, 2018. Moscow. N-Tour. The tickets were bought by the Ukrainian Fan Club half a year before the show! And then, finally, the N day has come! Many people when they learned that the show will be 90% of Russian songs were quite suspicious regarding the repertoire. But... Lazarev and "bad" are two incompatible concepts. No matter what language he sings, it will make a candy from anything. Was it worse? - No. Was it unusual? - Yes. It is a great show where the old and favorite songs are an unusual and original arrangement. They have found a new life there. The bell and a powerful start of the show under "You Are the Only One". The young dad - it was so... unexpected. Bright and colorful block of the era of the Great Gatsby was decorated with Russian versions of "Going Under" and "Deep Blue". They pursued the participants of the Ukranian OFC all the way home. The performance for "All To Pieces" was very atmospheric. Imitation of a blizzard, flight over the stage, goose bumps. Tears in the eyes of the audience mean that "In the Epicenter" is now on. Dad and son. "So Beautiful" was so beautiful also. Sky in stars. Lights. Overhand band. Street dances under "The Spring", and the whole Olympiyskiy in small lights under "Remember". Shattered Dreams/Sweet Dreams were sudden and in such a Lazarev's style - bright, colorful, and in English. Overall, there were a lot of dances, a lot of show, a lot of Lazarev, a lot of... everything. Sometimes my eyes just ran, and it was not clear who or what to watch first. One story followed another one. The spectator was surprised, admired, people cried and laughed. If you are in doubt, is it worth to see the N-show or not, choose the first option. Go! Lazarev is the Artist, who always justifies someone's expectations. So it has always been and will always be.
Thanks to Sergey Lazarev for an unforgettable vacation with my beloved Ukranian OFC and for the opportunity to meet with my dear participants of Moscow OFC, as well as with all the fans of his creativity. See you!
Ukranian and moscow fan clubs
"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
Two years ago I became a small part of a huge family called "The Official Fan Club of Sergey Lazarev", and my dream came true this. I could not manage myself to implement it during "The Best" show premiere and visit the concert of my beloved (from the time I was a child) artist. Even before the show began, in anticipation of Sergey, an incredible atmosphere was there in the hall, and crazy emotions raged. Particularly touched by the moment when the whole audience applauded the artist's mother, because you will see this not at every concert.
Sergey Lazarev - perhaps the only evidence of the phrase "talented person is talented in everything", as with the first seconds of going on stage, it was clear that this is not only a good singer, the strongest flawless vocalist, but also a professional theater actor, which is also not it will be a problem to "fly under the dome of the Olympic" and dance no worse than his ballet. That is way the shows of Sergey Lazarev have been always different from the shows of other singers. Well, the most important is that we were able to see not only the professional of his work on the stage, but also a sincere person and a loving dad, that could not leave even the most unsentimental person in this world indifferent. N-Tour program is indeed a world-class show, where, apart from the work of the artist, the efforts of a huge team of professionals were evident, because Olimpiyskiy was technically flawless that day: decoration of each performance transferred us to another world, and the light effects simply bewitched.
As always, the variety of performances and images was very pleasing, new unexpected sound of beloved songs impressed and surprised, as well as a brave interpretation and visualization of the main hit of Eurovision-2016. We could see not just a concert of your favorite artist, but a whole series of theatrical performances in the form of musicals, where the artist could even present the simplest and lightest songs at the highest level. But no statement and no bright decoration could overshadow Sergey himself, because each performance was both technically and vocally perfect, and crowded with his sincere emotions and crazy energy he was able to charge the whole concert hall with from the first seconds of his appearance on the stage. This show was really worth the trip to Moscow and half a day waiting near the Olympiyskiy. You want to see it again and again, noticing the new moments and details of each performance.
Particularly, I would like to note the punctuality and timeliness of the beginning of the concert, which, unfortunately, you will rarely see from other artists.
I would also like to say "thank you so much" to Sergey for the fact that the love to his creatibity brought us together in a large group, we decided to go to the beautiful city of Moscow for a week and it was able to break all the stereotypes, conquered us with its kindness, beauty and purity, gave us unforgettable emotions and the desire to return here again and again.
Finally, I would like to add that our company of 9 people is just a small part of the great Ukrainian Fan Club, and we, despite everything, have been waiting for Sergey again in our country for many years. We will always wait for Sergey's concert in our city and we believe that soon it will be possible again. The best concert halls in Ukraine have been ready for a long time to host the same vivid premiere of the N-Tour that in Moscow, Minsk, and St. Petersburg.
I was so lucky that i have the chance to visit two Sergeys premiere concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In St.Peterburg i choose a sitting place in the ice stadion.
I was very exicidet to hearing Sergeys new songs live and enjoy his amazing voice & performance. I really like to see the fantastic dance chereography, light show, beautiful custums and acrobatic on stage. It was everything perfect and professional. After the concerts i meet some Fan clubs Members of Sergeys St. Petersburg Fanclub and also some members from the Moscow Fan club. They was really helpful and it was nice to meet some other Fans from the Fan club.
At the concert in Moscow i has a standing place at the fanzone. It was a incredible electrifying mood in the sold out stadion. Everybody was dancing and singing the lyrics of Sergeys songs. I'm was really happy and have wonderful memories of my concerts in Russia.
Also ist was a special feeling for to meet new friends from Sergey Lazarev Fan club from all Russia and other international Fan Club members from 9 different countries. It's unbelievable that all the Fans coming the Sergeys Premiere Show and we all having a lot a fun together.
Warning !! Words are poor to describe the show !! I try for days to find the suitable words to describe the show and what I felt that night .It has been a dream of mine for the last 4 years to watch a concert of Sergey in Russia and specifically in Moscow., so there I was on 19th of April standing in the front rows of enormous Olimpiskiy.
I decided not to take photos or videos as I wanted to LIVE what was going on.
Sergey's entrance was majestic, managed to capture us from the First second. It's not necessary, I think, to mention his strong vocal skills or his amazing Energy on stage wether singing an uptempo or a ballad.
In my opinion in N show Sergey blended in his theatrical talent as well , some parts were like watching a musical in theater.
I was mesmerized during the entire show singing and cheering along!
My absolute favorite parts: V epitsentre ( almost cried ) , Prosti menya ( that High notes at the end - simply divine ) and Vdrebezgi ( unreal ) ... But I loved it from the First to the last minute. I struggle to remember every single detail, the whole evening was like living in a dream.
It was totally worth to do the trip to Moscow and I would do it anytime again. Hopefully the European tour dates will be released soon. Thank you Sergey for the incredible show and thank you too guys in the Fan Club , it was really great to finally meet you.
The show on April 19 on the Olympic Stadium will always remain in my memory. Sergey's incredible energy, the warmth that he radiates, made everyone sing along and dance. Thousands of people were on "one wave". I was very impressed with all the dance numbers, very beautiful. I really did not want this fairy tale to end. Thanks to all the huge team that prepared this holiday for us. A special thanks and delight to Sergey. He is the most talented artist burning up our hearts fro many years already. In general, the show can be described by two words only - it was "So beautiful".

Premiere of N-tour, Sergey Lazarev's new show took place on April 12 in St. Petersburg and on April 19 in Moscow. I was lucky to attend the premiere in both cities. I can say with confidence that these two days were the most vivid and memorable. On the show, I experienced a bouquet of various emotions, from smiles to tears, from insane fun to mental appeasement. It was not a show, it was a story told with a chic vocal choreographed by bright and unusual decorations, personal and creative visualization. The artists did not perform the songs, he experienced them together with the audience. During the show, it was so cozy and warm as with family and friends, and also unrestrainedly fun, as with friends at the best party. For me, 2.5 hours rushed like one minute, a minute of endless happiness. You can talk about this unforgettable and magnificent show for a long time, but no words will convey the whole range of emotions that I experienced during this fabulous show.
Thanks to all the huge team that prepared this great show. Thanks to the whole team for the energy and positives. And thanks to Sergey, the Artist with a capital letter. Thanks for the emotions, thanks for the fairytale and the opportunity to be a part of the big yellow family.
To describe now how it was in detail... what for? No, not because I do not want to do this or I have nothing to say. There is and my "writer's" (there was time, hah) fantasy is enough, no doubts. But ... any show of Sergey does not need this for a long time already. Because… The songs - YES! The choreography - YES! The constumes - YES! The idea, the performance, the impressions - YES! YES! YES! And Nikita ... his little son... a little “manny” loved not only by the whole country, the good part of the WORLD already. And I will not be afraid of this word. The show, dedicated to the most wonderful and precious, that can be in our life. I am also a mom and also of a sweet son, so I understand... Those shots... I was simply crying... One of the brightest impressions of the whole concert...
But still ... maybe it is not worth it, of course, but I will allow myself to notice ... like many of us, probably, I was waiting for the English songs too, because I am much more used to listen to Sergey in this language (and it's easy for me to understand the meaning, because I feel I already have two native languages, haha). Despite, of course, the incredible and favorite Russian hits. And it's not the reason of "get used" even. They sound cool, very cool! I would like, really ...
And yet... it was #таккрасиво, #в самое сердце and #напоражение.
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
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"N-tour", moscow, 19/04/18
Concert of Sergey Lazarev was a very long-awaited event of the year! We, a part of our Kaluga OFC, of course could not miss it. It was nice to see many guys from different cities, not even cities... countries! One big unity of the yellow ones! The atmosphere before the concert was warmed up by the songs of the Artist, which we all amicably sang.
Sergey's show ... it's just space! The letter "N" is a symbol of a tremendous concert, a new stage in the work of our favorite artist. The performance of Dvoe band was a surprise, they are very incendiary and bright!
2 hours passed in one breath, the very beginning simply has no boundaries, the image of the young pope is interesting and memorable. I would like to mention video clips, beautiful performances, amazing dances, and bright costumes. "In The Epicenter" song made the whole Olympic Stadium cry ... Sensitive and touching! This show is... so beautiful!